About Us

Dan Jordan

Mountain Aero.  The Bonanza & Baron Specialists.

Mountain Aero is dedicated to the highest level of service in aircraft buying, selling and brokering. 

Dan Jordan, a professional airline pilot, has been buying and selling aircraft since 1986.  An ATP, MEI, CFII, and AGI, Dan has over 12,000 flight hours including commercial flying, flight instruction, mountain flying, and just plain old “flying around for fun.” Recently expanding the Mountain Aero company, Dan enjoys marketing quality aircraft to their fullest. He has assisted many mechanics in Beechcraft annual inspections, pre-purchase inspections and has attended the ABS Bonanza Service Clinic. Dan is a long time member of AOPA, American Bonanza Society and Cessna Pilots Association and strongly encourages pilots to join and support these organizations. You will find him at the American Bonanza Society’s Convention….don’t miss it this year!

Mountain Aero is located at Centennial Airport KAPA in Englewood, CO near Denver. Conveniently located with good transportation options to Denver International Airport, Front Range Airport and Rocky Mountain Metro Airport.

“Start enjoying the aircraft you have always wanted.  Because life is too short to fly slow.”