For Sale by Owner?

Selling your aircraft yourself can be tempting. You can talk to all the prospects directly and explain how wonderful your aircraft is. You can sell at retail price and get to keep all the money you collect by avoiding brokerage fees or by selling at dealer prices. 

But do you get full retail price? Everyone realizes the aircraft market today is, at best, challenging. 

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have the Time? Patience? Persistence? Desire? Expertise?
  • Can you market the aircraft to it’s fullest potential?  
  • Are you available and willing to draft a detailed spec sheet and photograph EVERYTHING including log books? 
  • Invest $200-$400 per month in advertising?
  • Take phone calls.  Read & respond to emails.  Field requests for more info, more pictures, more details on the aircraft & logs.
  • Are you comfortable writing an agreement that minimizes your exposure to future litigation?
  • Are you comfortable completing all the FAA required paperwork?
  • Can you take an aircraft in trade?  Are you willing to deliver the aircraft yourself? Are you willing to trust a ferry pilot for hire?
  • Is there a more productive or more profitable way for you to spend your time other than selling your aircraft?

Quality aircraft sales professionals with experience typically earn their brokerage fees by maximizing exposure, enhancing presentation, and getting the most money for your aircraft.


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